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Public WOrks
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

600 AIRPORT ROAD | PHONE: (870) 239-7520

The Paragould Public Works Department oversees Animal Control, Cemetery, Sanitation Department and the Street Department. It is our goal that by providing the services offered by these departments in an efficient manner we can help improve the quality of life, health, and safety for the citizens of the City of Paragould.

Terry McAbee

Public Works Director

Wayne Ellenburg

Assistant Public Works Director

Trash Collection:

The City of Paragould provides each single family residential unit with one garbage collection container at NO CHARGE. The container is the property of the City of Paragould and shall not be removed from the property.

A second container may be purchased from the City Clerk’s office at the current replacement cost ($60.00). This container is the property of the individual who purchased the container and may be moved to another residence.

Collection service for residential customers will consist of one pickup per week.

Container should be placed for collection by 7:00 AM on the day scheduled for collection but not prior to 6:00 PM the day preceding the normal collection day.


Container should be placed by the curb approximately 3 feet from the street with the handle facing your house.

What goes in the cart:

Only typical household garbage goes in the cart. The garbage should be placed in plastic bags and sealed to prevent litter and to help keep your cart clean. Boxes can be broken down and placed in the cart.

What does not go in the cart:

Do not put lumber, shingles, rocks, dirt, batteries or old tires in the cart. Do not use the cart to dispose of hazardous waste such as paint, motor oil, poisons and flammable liquids. Do not place hot coals from your barbecue grill in the cart. It could melt or catch fire.

RATES: Trash Collection Fee Ordinance


Beginning January 1st, 2019 bulk items, limbs and yard waste will be picked up on a call-in basis.

Bulk pick up does not include household trash and boxes. Boxes can be broken down and put in the trash can or brought to the recycling bin at 600 Airport Road, Monday - Friday 7a.m. to 4 p.m.

We will not pick up tree trunks and/or limbs larger than 6 in. in diameter.

We will not pick up building material. Example: Shingles, concrete, fencing, etc.

Do not place bulk items under high line wires, near or against poles and fences.

Bulk item pick up is a free service offered to residential customers only. We do not pick up bulk items for Commercial customers.

For questions call the Public Works Department at (870) 239-7520.

600 Airport Rd - Phone: (870) 239-7520

The Street Department provides and maintains the transportation infrastructure to those who live and travel through the City of Paragould. The Street Department is responsible for services that include paving roads, street maintenance and construction, construction of curbs and gutters, maintaining the City's drainage system including road ditches, retention ponds, creeks and inlet streams, street cuts, street sweeping, installation and maintenance of signs, and cutting of weeds and high grass on streets and drainage rights-of-way.

The Street Department also provides emergency services and support during inclement weather. We strive to provide the best and most efficient service possible to all citizens while keeping safety a top priority.

State Highways Within the City

There are several state highways within the City of Paragould. The City has no control over the maintenance of these areas. The highways and roads listed below are maintained by the Arkansas Department of Highway and Transportation.