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Job Opportunities

The City of Paragould accepts applications on a continual basis for City employment. You may apply from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday at the Human Resources office at City Hall. Click here to learn more.

Privilege License

New businesses should contact the City Inspector's office to ensure compliance with the zoning laws before applying for a privilege license.

Any Person or entity doing business within the City limits of Paragould must have a privilege license.

If your business requires a State Certification such as food trucks, etc. a copy of your state certification should be submitted with your application.
If you have inventory, a Statement of Inventory should be submitted with your application.

To apply for a privilege license: Bring the privilege license application along with any other required documents to the City Clerk's office at 301 W. Court Street.

Yard Sale Permit

Fill out registration here.

Solicitor's Permit

The City Clerk’s office at 301 W Court St is responsible for issuing Solicitor’s Permits. Prior to a Solicitor’s Permit being issued, an application for a background check must be completed. A $35 fee is charged for the background check.

Once approved, the applicant then applies for a privilege license.

Builder's Permit

Submit a completed Building Permit Application and site/building plan to the City Inspector’s office at 301 W Court St. Building Permit Application

burn PermiT

Call the Paragould Fire Department at (870) 239-7525.


Extra Trash Container:

If a residence requires a second container, one may be purchased from the City Clerk’s office at the current replacement cost. This container is the property of the individual who purchased the container and may be moved to another residence.

recycle bin

Residents may purchase an 18 gallon blue recycle bin for a $15 one time fee from the City Clerk's office (301 W court St).
Learn more.

Livestock Permit:

The keeping and maintaining of rabbits, poultry, cows and horses may be allowed by the obtaining of a $5.00 permit from the City of Paragould Code Enforcement Officer Paragould Code of Ordinances.

Linwood Cemetery Plot:

Contact the City Clerk's office for available spaces in Linwood Cemetery.

Grave spaces - $250

Opening graves - $125 on weekdays and $155 on weekends and all holidays observed by the city. Placement in the mausoleum - same price.

$50 of the $250 collected for the sale of grave spaces and paid to the city clerk shall be paid by the city clerk to the cemetery trust.

The city shall charge a fee of $50 for weekdays and $75 for weekends and holidays, for opening a grave to bury an infant less than one-year-old or a body that has been cremated.

Any exchange of cemetery lots shall require a $25 fee.

Learn About Linwood Cemetery


Room at the community center:

Contact Kim Baldridge at 239-7530 / Mon – Fri 8am-4pm. A contract must be signed and the rental must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to the use date. Learn more.

RV Pads at Reynold’s Park:

Reservations can be made over the phone. Rental must be paid at the Paragould Community Center, 3404 Linwood Drive, prior to occupying the RV pad. For inquiries call 870-239-7530.

City Parks Pavilions:

Contact the Paragould Community Center at 870-239-7530 to reserve a pavilion. Rental must be paid 2 days prior to use date.

City Parks Facilities:

Reynold’s Park Building, Labor Park Gym and Harmon Park building can be rented by visiting the Paragould Community Center at 3404 Linwood Drive. A contract must be signed and the rental paid in full. An additional $50 key deposit is required, this deposit will be returned once the key is returned and all requirements of the contract have been fulfilled.

Pool Party:

Pool Party reservations are done by lottery. Each May, tickets are handed out on the date announced.

Each person may only book one party.

Payment is due that day. No parties will be booked without payment.

Must be 21 to book and must have photo ID.

Pool parties are the sole property of the City of Paragould and may not be sold or transferred by the renter.

Pay A Fine:

Pay a fine:

Online ticket payments can be made at