Patrol Division

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The Patrol Division is often referred to by most departments in the country as the "backbone" of the department.  These uniformed officers are the most seen and most recognizable by the public.  Their duties include traffic enforcement, accident investigation, general patrol of the city, and attending to calls for service from our citizens.  As these officers are patrolling in their "mobile offices", they are also first on scene for many serious incidents as well. 

Currently, the Patrol Division is commanded by Captain Brent McCain and is divided into four, twelve hour shifts.  These four shifts consist of two dayshifts and two nightshifts, giving our citizens twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week police coverage.   Each patrol shift is commanded by a Lieutenant, with a Sergeant serving underneath them as the front-line supervisor for their officers.  A total of approximately thirty officers make up the patrol division at this time.

Officers assigned to patrol are issued up-to-date equipment and late-model patrol units in order to safely and reliably serve our citizens.  Each patrol unit is equipped with state of the art technology to aid in performing their jobs quickly, yet efficiently.  This helps lessen the time our citizens are inconvenienced, such as during a traffic crash, and also assists our officers by allowing them to complete their reports in a more convenient and time-saving manner.