Visiting Paragould?
A City like No Other

Paragould is located in Northeast Arkansas with an estimated population of around 26,113. Being located in the heart of the country allows easy travel to cities such as Memphis (88 miles), Little Rock (153 miles) and St. Louis (208 miles).

The city offers low cost living, amazing historic landmarks and attractions that take you back to the 1800s.

A brief history
of paragould, arkansas

The year of 1882 was a historic one for Greene County. In that year, two railroads built their lines into the county and crossed at a point where a town would be built. One was the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad, later to be known as the Missouri Pacific. This railroad was headed by the famous railroad magnate Jay Gould, who already controlled some 5000 miles of track in Arkansas and the Southwest. The other railroad was the Texas and St. Louis, later called the Cotton Belt. This was a narrow-gauge line with J. W. Paramore as president. This line originated in Texas and was originally built to ship Texas cotton to the compresses in St. Louis by direct line. The crossing of the two railroads was not just a chance crossing, but one of Gould's tactics to cut the business of the fledgling road.

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