City Inspector


The Inspector's office is responsible for plan review, administering the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code as it relates to commercial and residential construction.  It is responsible for performing electrical, HVAC and plumbing inspections on all projects in the city of Paragould.  Inspectors also respond to questions from contractors and the general public regarding building, HVAC, plumbing and electrical code interpretations.

The staff ensures that building construction, and floodplain management policies and regulations are enforced by performing follow-up field inspections. The City Inspector reviews all residential, commercial and industrial documents for code compliance and monitors residential and commercial building activity and permitting to ensure quality control. 


The following is a list of codes adopted for use by the city of Paragould. (updated 09/29/2022)

  • 2021 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code   Vol. I: Fire

  • 2021 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Vol. II: Building

  • 2021 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Vol. III: Residential

  • 2018 Arkansas Plumbing Code

  • 2021 International Mechanical Code

  • 2018 Arkansas Fuel Gas Code

  • 2020 National Electric Code

  • 2014 Arkansas Energy Code

Inspector Documents