Fire Station Tours

GCT 3-4th PACE 2021

Do you want to visit your local fire station? Do you want to see where the firefighters work and live during their shift? If so, fire station tours include age-appropriate fire safety education, viewing of the fire apparatus and firefighting equipment, and talking to the firefighters. On the tour you will watch the firefighters dress in their turnout gear and demonstrate how they enter a home for a rescue or to fight a fire.  Fire station #1 is our most popular station because of the variety of apparatus and equipment it has. Tours can be arranged for a fire station that is closer to your area, as well. Your group or organization can tour the Fire Department facilities any day between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Educational and promotional materials are provided. Please be mindful, stations are "live" and must respond to an emergency if called. If firefighters are not in the station at the scheduled time, please wait for about 15 minutes. If the firefighters do not return within that time, please call to reschedule. Large groups greater than (5) such as civic groups, churches, schools, youth-groups, etc. need to fill out the form below.

Station Tour Request Form

  1. Disclaimer

    Please be aware that fire station tours are in "live" fire stations.  Fire apparatus and emergency responders first priority is to provide emergency services to the residents of the city of Paragould. A station tour could be cancelled abruptly due to an emergency call. The Paragould Fire Department will make arrangements to reschedule if needed.

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