Adopt a Dog

Find a Pet at the Paragould Dog Pound

So you're looking for a new pet? Well, you're looking in the right place! Here at the Paragould Dog Pound, we have a lot of great dogs. The only hard part is picking which one(s) you want to take home! When considering adoption, it is important to consider the type of dog that would best fit your family and lifestyle.

All adoptions from our shelter will include:

  • Spay or neuter
  • Rabies vaccination

Adoption Fees

You can view adoption fees here.

Things to Consider Before You Adopt

The following are some things that we feel you should take into consideration before you adopt a dog. These issues are not meant to discourage you, but to prepare you and help your pet receive the best home it deserves.

  • Will someone be able to care for the animal at all times? Even during unexpected hours?
  • Will you be able to provide loving affection to your pet? Dogs are sociable by nature and they deserve the same treatment in return.
  • Can you provide a proper environment for your pet? A good warm and dry structure to live in and the proper fencing to ensure that the animal will stay on your property?
  • Can you afford the food, entertainment, medical care, and other special needs that your pet will require?

Note About Adoptable Pets

Please, do not be discouraged if you see an animal on the website and learn that he/she has already been adopted. We are happy that he/she found a new home! There may be another one that you will like just as much!

We are unable to hold animals by phone, fax, or email.

Contact Public Works at 870-239-7520 for information regarding adoption.

We are unable to guarantee that a specific animal shown will still be available. We make every effort to update our adoption page Monday through Friday before we leave each day. Be sure to contact Animal Control at 870-239-7520 with questions.

Adoption Application